how it all started

My name is Rubén Martínez, I am a former smoker and former sedentary. I led an unhealthy life: I smoked, ate poorly, went out partying… In 2007 I decided to start running and quit smoking, and so it was. I will always remember my first training session, I ran 3km in cotton pants and urban sneakers
My legs burned as if someone was behind me with a blowtorch. After that workout I ate an apple and everything changed. During the following years I didn’t become as consistent as I would have liked, and I alternated sporty periods with more sedentary periods. It wasn’t until 2014 when I quit smoking for good.
The mountain has always been present in my life since I was very young, with my parents we always went to the mountains on vacation. But it wasn’t until I was almost 30 when I really “clicked” with the mountains. One of the factors that led me to love the mountain was the documentary “PURA VIDA” about the death of Iñaki Ochoa de Olza, a mountaineer from Navarre who died on Annapurna in 2008. 
Reading this you might think, why did he start to love the mountain after the death of a mountaineer? Because of everything that lies behind the achievements or failures. I take this opportunity to recommend you to watch it, of course 🙂
I ran 3km in street clothes and urban sneakers, hell.
I’m running my first 10k after months of training and never going over 8km.
A period of time in which I am progressing very little by little. I keep on training and with time I am encouraged to increase the distances. Nutritionally I don’t start taking care of myself until 2016.
I make THE TRIP. Traveling to Nepal as a mountaineer is something inexplicable. The country of the eight thousands. For 2 weeks I do the Annapurna circuit, a 120km trekking around the Annapurna mountains. During the trek you see, in addition to Annapurna, Manaslu and Dhaulaghiri.
After a year running quite a lot of 10k, and not training more than 11k per training, I decide to take the leap to a distance that I saw that was for pros or super prepared people.
The result of the half marathon was so good, that the same day I finish it I sign up for the Barcelona marathon that was running 1 month later.
The result of the half and marathon are so good that they are still some of my personal bests:
1h34 half marathon
3h24 marathon
I take a step further in trail running and run my first Ultra Marathon. I made my debut at home with the MiM (marathon and half marathon), enjoying the race very much even though I was half injured.
A dream I had long wanted to fulfill. I spent 3 weeks in Tanzania between the ascent to Kilimanjaro, a safari in the Serengeti and a few days resting in Zanzibar.
Due to some personal circumstances I decide to take a step (or more than one) in my sporting life and I decide to prepare myself for an IRONMAN, one of the toughest races in the world, which consists of swimming 3.8km, cycling 180km and running a marathon.
I became a vegetarian, I liked animals, but I had never had a close relationship with any of them, and after living with the 3 cats and my partner’s dog, I decided to change my diet and my way of life.

I undertake the sporting and solidarity challenge After the loss of Bat, Marta’s dog, in 2018, and seeing the emptiness that Marta feels in her life, the sadness of her feline brothers when noticing his absence, the love that I have for him, make me decide to propose myself a challenge and be able to help other animals who do not have the opportunity to spend their days away from the suffering that they have had to live for being catalogued as animals for consumption or exploitation.
The challenge will take me to run 430km in 10 marathons during 10 days, crossing the Catalan Pyrenees from Viella to Cap de Creus.

Kilimanjaro (5895m)
Thorong-La Pass (5400m)
Carihuairazo (5000m)
Montblanc (4810m)